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The Primrose Path

...a faery's heart beats fierce and free...

Tricksy Pixie
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I'll save myself the thousand words:

academia, acting, alternative medicine, ancient history, anthropology, archaeology, arthurian legend, arthurian mythology, arthurian romance, audrey tatou, battlestar galactica, beethoven, belly dancing, books, british culture, british literature, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, celtic music, chivalry, choral music, cooking, corsets, costuming, creativity, crochet, danny kaye, dar williams, david bowie, diy, doctor who, dracula, dragons, dreaming, dresden files, druids, ds9, editing, edward gorey, essays, faeries, fairy tales, fan fiction, fantasy, femininity, firefly, flogging molly, folklore, forensic archaeology, full moons, geeks, glastonbury, glitter, grammar, grimms' fairy tales, hans christian andersen, harry potter, herbalism, history, holly black, human sexuality, improv, intelligent conversation, james bond, jan tiersen, jeunet films, jewel, jim henson, joss whedon, jossverse, king arthur, kissing, knighthood, labyrinth, larry kernagis, legend, libraries, linguistics, literary analysis, literature, london, magic, mahler, mary shelley, massage, medieval and renaissance faires, meta, michael ende, mix tapes, mordred, music, musicals, mythology, needlework, npr, opera, orson scott card, paganism, photography, piercings, plainsong, pointed ears, rasputina, reading, reiki, sarah mclachlan, serenity, sewing, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, simon and garfunkle, singing, stage combat, star trek, stonehenge, stratford, sushi, tarot, tattoos, tea, teachers, teaching, the dark is rising, the last unicorn, the muppet show, the neverending story, theatre, thrift store shopping, tim burton, tom lehrer, torchwood, tori amos, trans-siberian orchestra, used book stores, warm autumn nights, water, welsh language, wicca, william blake, women, writing, yami no matsuei, yarn