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The Primrose Path

...a faery's heart beats fierce and free...

Voices of Rosewood--looking for reads
tempt fate
Originally posted by snuffy_chan at Voices of Rosewood--looking for reads
Voices of Rosewood: Notes from the Woodlawn Project

Summary: Rosewood Home for Women was established in 1935 in Thibodeaux, Louisiana, by a joint grant from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Public Works Association and the Louisiana State Health Commission. These are the poems (and one piece of biographical short prose) of the women who participated in art therapy through the Woodlawn Project, an art therapy curriculum introduced by Elizabeth Woodlawn in the 1970's.

Originally published in 2007, Voices of Rosewood is now available as a free e-book. This is dark, uncensored work. Be advised.

Looking for reads and reviews.