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Brevity: the new spice of life
Kitchen Sink
Flash Interviews <---

Dr. Wright, a creative writing professor I work with and for at APSU, has a new project going. It's exploring the off-the-cuff, impromptu interview as a blending of both the non-fiction and flash genres of writing.

Currently, there's one start-up question posted so far (answer in 40 words or less, don't stop to think!) and lots of neat things are ensuing in the comments. Stop by and check it out? It's a lot of fun, it's great for writing skills, and it would be a big help for the project. :)

(PS - It's hosted on WordPress, but you don't need a WordPress account to join in.)

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That link takes me to "The friends group you are trying to access does not exist" or some such. Pity, because I'm curious as heck now about this. Will check back later.

Fixed now! Sorry :( - I'd left out a bitty bit of the html tag.

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