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The Primrose Path

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(no subject)
cake or death
So, I have just purchased a 'ranch-style tuna salad sandwich' for lunch.

What the hell does that mean?! Should it be single-storied and assymetrically designed?

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See, I'd start ordering double-decker ranch-style sandwiches, confident that the server isn't going to catch on...!

Or maybe it might have fences and little herds of domestic herbivorous mammals running around on top?

Herbivorous. This is now my Favourite Word of the Week.

Hervibors poorly managed can lead to nitrification of the waterbodies nearby, which can lead to oligotrophic contitions. :-)

I do spoonerisms in type! Go me!

It means they can charge you an extra dollar.....

I'd be willing to pay an extra $2 if they could somehow make it Greek Revival. :)

...on second thought, perhaps not; that might just mean aditional olives.

See? This post makes me want to hug you.

And in less that two weeks you totally can! Yaaay! :)

According to my architect friend here at work, it means either your sandwich is flat and built in the 1970s OR there are goats associated with it.

Wow, I really hope I didn't eat tuna from the 70's. :)

Thank you so much for your support in the nomination thread. :) *huggles* Please feel free to come to me with any concerns or questions that you have.

All the best,*smooches*

I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have on the advisory board. Good luck! :)

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