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The Primrose Path

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slogging along...
tempt fate
The returns on an editing/writing-related job search done where I currently live versus the same search done in places like New York or Chicago is...dismaying. Not surprising. But dismaying.

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Have you considered the opportunity you have to fill a market void? You could start your own publishing/marketing company. Online at first I would assume. Don't most authors telecommute anyway?

Just a thought. I know you and John can do anything y'all put your minds to.


I have no desire, now or ever, to start my own company/business/firm/etc and so on.

That being said...I've looked into freelance work, dipping my toes in those waters. Until you have a client base built or at leat a decent reputation, this is extremely time consuming and really not a good way to replace an income - but that doesn't mean it's impossible, it just means it'll take persistance and time (especially in this area. This is also an area where professional experience helps a lot - because if the client doesn't know any better than he knows John Smith, he's likely going to make his choice based on your resumes. At this piont, I have absolutely no professional editing/proof reading experience with the exception of my own academic work.

Which brings us to the Masters degree program I'm starting this fall, as setting that will obviously get me more education and credentials and probably some experience as well. But then we're back to that time thing. The entire reason (well, ok, the bulk of the reason)why I started hitting the job search so hard was because I want to go school full time and the degree out of the way instead of dragging it out for longer than 2 years. To do that I need part-time work. Up until recently, I didn't think I could do that here. But I've been bending over backwards for over a year here and they're not unaware of that...and are now willing to do the same for me, apparently. :) I discussed with my supervisor, we've decided on 20-25 hours a week to start with till I know what I can balance with school and whatever schedule I need they'll try to accomodate. Plus I'm getting a raise in July. So, yes, I would freakin love to get out of this job, but where else am I going to find a place that will work with me like that and pay as well?

I've applied for a graduate assistantship at APSU. If I get it, it will pay my entire tuition and also a monthly salary for working for whichever professor and/or writing lab needs a lackey. If I get that, I will so totally run with it. But otherwise, I'm stayin' here. After four months of crazy logistics planning and worrying myself ragged, this seems like the best and most viable option. When I have that degree in hand, I can start searching for a Career and becoming the World's Best (or at least Glitteriest) Editor. :)

Wow. Long-winded much? :) Oh, what a madcap four months it's been. And the decision doesn't solve or even alleviate my nebulous plans and worries for The Future, but The Future is very much not The Now, and so I will not worry about it. Unless I find a TARDIS. Or learn that tomorrow is in fact yesterday and I have to kill Joan Collins to save my furture. And I'll stop now before I try to bring a third sc-fi series into that scenario and the world implodes. :)

Edited because I screwed up my own Star Trek reference. Bad Geek.

Edited at 2008-05-01 09:09 pm (UTC)

That is fantastic that Work is going to work with you on the schedule! A lot of places don't care to bother.

You will make a very glittery editor.
PS- Do you feel like editing/proofreading some more articles for me soon? I'll pay $10 a pop...

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