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LJ Content Strike
tempt fate
For those of you unaware, a content strike has been proposed for this Friday, March 21 (beginning, in some places, today).

The 24-hour strike will begin at the following times for the following locations:

Thursday, March 20, 2:00 PM -- Honolulu
Thursday, March 20, 4:00 PM -- Anchorage
Thursday, March 20, 5:00 PM -- San Francisco; Los Angeles
Thursday, March 20, 6:00 PM -- Mexico City; Denver
Thursday, March 20, 7:00 PM -- Chicago
Thursday, March 20, 8:00 PM -- Montreal; New York
Thursday, March 20, 9:00 PM -- Buenos Aires
Midnight -- London
Friday, March 21, 1:00 AM -- Paris
Friday, March 21, 2:00 AM -- Istanbul
Friday, March 21, 3:00 AM -- Moscow
Friday, March 21, 4:00 AM -- Dubai
Friday, March 21, 5:00 AM -- Islamabad
Friday, March 21, 6:00 AM -- Bangladesh
Friday, March 21, 7:00 AM -- Bangkok
Friday, March 21, 8:00 AM -- Singapore
Friday, March 21, 9:00 AM -- Tokyo
Friday, March 21, 10:00 AM -- Brisbane
Friday, March 21, 11:00 AM -- Sydney
Friday, March 21, 12 Noon -- Suva

And it includes not logging onto the site at all, for posting, commenting, or even just reading, in order to have the best effect.

'But why?' you ask. The best and most complete answer I've found is darkrosetiger's post here. It also includes a very telling interview with our new owners.

LJ was intended to be content and communication-driven; if we wanted another MySpace or Facebook, we'd be at those sites instead.

For a run-down of and discussion on 6A and SUP's past transgressions, I direct you to stewardess's post here.

But as the great philospher Jagger once said, "You can't always get what you want." Perhaps espially in a money-making environment. To that end,reddwarfer raises this point:

Yeah, sure, it'd be nice if they cared about our opinions or didn't go back on their promises or if they appreciated their customer bases. But it isn't mandatory. Most of us would never think of acting similarly in regards to any service or product we receive from any other business if said business started acting in a way we didn't like.

We'd normally either put up with it or go somewhere else.

Well, yeah. But where?

She also raises the excetionally valid point that there is so much content being generated about the content strike - " People that haven't posted in AGES are posting about not posting" - that we're probably overshadowing our own selves here. And yet here I am, adding to the mass of posts on the lack of posts. But LJ is about communication, and I'm better at the "talking about it" part than I am at passive resistance. That's not to say I won't be taking part in the content strike - but I have to tell you about it first. :)

When it comes down to it, we're stuck between a rock and a hard place here: bad decisions and changes we don't want to put up with versus having no real place to go. And if The Powers that Be know we won't go despite what they've already done, don't our threats lose some power? Why keep trying?

You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes...well, you know the rest.

I'll see you Monday.

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But on the bright side it's all ready having a positive affect. They've restored the user interests that were contested, and they're all ready talking about restoring the basic accounts as an option. I'd say we're making good head-way. :)

They seem to have gotten stuck in this "it's easier to get forgiveness than permission" mentality - If we slip changes in under the door, sure they'll be mad, but we'll just apologize and all will be well! The pre-emptive action and after-the-fact acknowledgement is a big part of the problem - if all we accomplish here is to get them to announce new ideas and entertain user comments before stuff goes into effect, I'd still count that as a total win. :)

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